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Comment fonctionne Avast Antivirus gratuit sur Windows 10 ?

Comment installer un antivirus sous Windows 10 ?

Protection that goes beyond

Windows 10 offers true basic protection. Avast Antivirus not only protects your PC, but your home network as well, and offers advanced features such as software updates, Do Not Disturb mode, and more.

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Microsoft Official Partners

telechargement gratuit avast antivirus 2010

With Avast and therefore Microsoft in your corner instead of many things that might bother you personally. If Microsoft supports Avast Antivirus on all Windows 10 computers, the situation sends a clear signal that we are reliable in what we do. Industry experts like PC Magazine and simply PC Advisor give us a good assessment of why this is the case.

No slowing down of your organization

We are proud to be named PC AV Low Impact Comparative Performance Antivirus. Whether you use your computer on the road or at work, Avast provides your family with the best possible protection in a minimal package.

Free And Award-winning Antivirus For Windows 10

It looks like Avast has won many awards, but the best reward is the loyalty of our 435 million users. We follow our service to the largest community of antivirus companies in the world and look forward to continuing to serve you as you upgrade your PC to Windows 10.

Protection Around The World, 24 Hours A Day

We’re proud to protect millions of Windows 10 computers. But you don’t have to take us for an expression. Take a look at the countless computers we have protected today:
Avast prevented virus attacks on Windows 10 PCs last week.
Avast stopped virus attacks on 10 Windows PCs in the US in just a week.
Windows 10 PCs in the United States are the third most popular attack in the world.

Many attacks on Windows 10 PCs that have been prevented in the last 30 weeks

Already Have Avast? We Are Here For You

If you are planning to upgrade from much older versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1, it is important for us to protect your Windows 10 Progressive PC from viruses. Just make sure you are using the latest version of Avast before updating your gadget, and when you are done upgrading to Windows 10, you will find everyone where you left America and dYou can protect your computer as long as you love it.

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